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    Download the Epson L 3150 resetter tool: Epson L-3150 can be reset all in one ink tank printer. Epson L 3150 is a well built-in tank printer. Today we’d share your Epson L series printer’s resetter tool (Adjustment Program). Using this method you can easily reset your Epson L series (L3150) printer. To execute the Epson L3150 counter reset program you will follow the steps below. You can download for Epson L3150 printer 100% pure genuine tool for unlimited resetting.

    How to Reset Epson L3150 Printer:

    1. Turn on the printer and connect the USB cable
    2. Download Epson L3150 Adjustment Program
    3. Extract file
    4. Open AdjProg.exe – Accept
    5. Particular adjustment mode
    6. Waste ink pad counter – OK
    7. Give checkbox Main Pad Counter and Platen Pad Counter
    8. Click Check – OK
    9. Click Initialization – OK
    10. Finish and then close the adjustment program.
    11. Turn off your printer and then turn it on again.
    12. Done. ENJOY ?

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