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Your company profile shouldn’t be a regurgitation of your “about us” page — though your company profile can certainly be part of your “about us” page. The truth is, a company profile is less about what you do than about why you do it and how you got started doing it.

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Here’s a handy list of things you should include in your company profile:

  • Your business name
  • The year you were founded
  • Your founder’s name
  • Your original business name, if you had one
  • The original reason your business was founded (or the former vision or mission for the company)
  • How that reason, mission, or vision changed over the years
  • A description of your products and services
  • Your current mission and vision statement
  • Your motto or slogan
  • Your company values
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To give potential consumers an outstanding first impression, you need to create the most immeasurable company profile. It can also be used as an adequate marketing tool to lure investors.

So, what are the contents of a company profile? Here are 7 pieces of information you need to put when creating a company profile:

Front Cover and Table of Contents

An engaging front cover can trigger the audience’s curiosity to read the contents. Therefore, give consideration to the following two things when designing the front cover:

  • Make sure the cover can seize attention. The exterior of a company profile must be able to captivate the attention of the readers. But at the same time, it must be informational enough to proffer an overview of the company. You can use an attractive image to put on the cover or use a clean and minimalist layout design.
  • Add company logo and tagline. Adding a company logo on the company profile cover is necessary, while the motto is voluntary. One thing you need to pay attention to is making sure the size of the company logo fits. Not too tiny or too huge.

While the table of contents must be added to the company profile to make it more comfortable for readers to find the information they are looking for. For example, sections about the company, products/services, contact information, and so on.

Don’t let the audience get puzzled in finding the information they want to comprehend because there is no table of contents.

About / Company History

Besides the design that steals the attention, a company profile must tell a story about the company. Write an inspiring narrative starting from how the company established, what are the company’s accomplishments, or even ideas for future advancements.

In addition, also append information about the company’s founders, the type of business, and numerous other details. It’s all-important to be displayed in the company profile to enrich the familiarity of the users.

Company Vision and Mission

Vision is a description of the goals and objectives to be obtained by the company. While the mission is the efforts, plans, and strategies brought out to achieve that vision.

They are both the cornerstone in endowing the company. Our advice is to use inspiring images that are related to the company’s values and industrial areas to reflect your company’s goals and beliefs.

Company Products/Services and Portfolio

This is the core component of a company profile. Most potential customers will concentrate on reading what product or service the company offers.

Thus, add details about the product or service you are selling, perfecting it with photos or images. If there are too many products or services, just provide an overview.

In addition, uniting a portfolio is a must especially for companies engaged in the service sector. A portfolio demonstrates the work and capabilities of your company.

Include a brief and enlightening description in each portfolio, such as client name, type of service, job description, year, and so on. Add high-quality images to complement each portfolio.

To make it neater and more convenient for customers to navigate, you can also sort the portfolios alphabetically or chronologically. If you offer more than one service, splitting your portfolio per category is also a great idea.

Advantages / Reasons for Choosing the Company

Write down all the advantages that stand out from your company when compared to other opponents. Explain what can make potential customers be interested to use your product or service.

For example, is it because of quality assurance? Is your company a pioneer and the first to invent such a product or service? Or does it use environmentally friendly technology? Just write!

Client List and Customer Testimonials

Regarding the portfolio, write about your company’s encounter if it has worked with well-known clients. Showing big clients to a profiled company can build the reputation and trust of potential customers.

If necessary, add testimonials from these clients after using your company’s products or services. But keep in mind that in revealing customer testimonials, just write testimonials from influential people.

For example, company executives, well-known people, and those with the equivalent characteristics as the targeted market.

Back Cover and Contact Information

Often underrated, the back cover is as significant as the front cover. The back cover is a section to display your company’s contact information.

Readers intrigued by your company’s products or services need to know how to reach you. Hence, write down the contact information as effectively as attainable.

The contact information that must be incorporated in the company profile is:

  • Company’s address;
  • Phone number;
  • Email address;
  • website URLs;
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.),
  • QR code if necessary, potential customers can communicate with you directly with no need to type in a number or email address.

What does a Good Company Profile Look Like?

The thing you need to know when creating a good company profile is to assure that it has the following criteria:

  1. Attractive and professional design. Use color combinations, typography, and other design elements that match the company’s logo and branding to bolster an elegant and professional impression.
  2. Fill in the company profile that is short, concise, and clear. Writing the contents and structure of the company profile is better left to an expert copywriter who has the skill in writing company profiles.
  3. Include essential points. A good company profile must include crucial details related to company information as a shred of reliable evidence.
  4. Use quality broadcast media. If you want to publicize a company profile on the website, make sure you use the assistance of an acknowledged website developer.
  5. Take the aid of photos, pictures, or illustrations. In addition to looking attractive, using images, photographs, and graphics on a company profile can help clarify the message.

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